About Us

For more than 30 years Incom Telecommunications has been at the forefront of telecommunication distribution with a comprehensive range of telephony, including IP telephones, digital and analogue handsets, wired and wireless headsets, audio and video conferencing solutions, call recording, Data products and telephone accessories. Our client base is extensive and includes many of the Times top 100 prestigious corporate businesses, alongside public sector organisations including Education, Health, Police, Defence and Local and Central Government departments.

After decades of meeting the needs of our clients it’s not surprising we have built a reputation for the quality of our service levels, whilst looking to adopt innovative methods to be unique and distinctive with our business relationships. From virtual warehousing right through to consolidated invoicing we adapt to the challenges of the day.

Aside from our reputation for telephony distribution, we manufacture under our own brand name Alphacom, a range of business telephone handsets, headsets and accessories, that are purchased throughout our client base. The telephones are manufactured to the highest quality levels, incorporating a generous warranty, under-pinning the reliability of the brand. The range is renowned for reliability and still maintains an enviable failure rate of less than 0.5%.

Incom has developed a team of Sales Consultants and Technical personnel who are experts in their field. All have established careers within the telecoms industry, they are able to provide and source telephony solutions which will enhance productivity within your organization where requiring the next generation of technological advancement is a necessity. A strong account relationship is the foundation of any partnership and once a business relationship is formed it is assigned to one of our Sales Consultants to manage and develop, looking to future proof your telecom’s needs.

In the current economy it is vital to ensure value for money. Incom is best placed to work with you to deliver this effectively. Our proactive approach allows companies to utilise their communication budget effectively ensuring solutions which are viable and valid.

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