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Time to be prepared for the UK’s PSTN switch off in 2025

What is the current status?

The BT network are moving all their customers from the analogue to the digital network. The objective is to move everyone by 2025.

Who will this involve ?

All businesses and home users will be moved to the digital network. Everyone should be identifying any analogue connection and arranging for these to be changed to digital. Examples of such non-voice connections are alarms, EPOS machines, door entry systems, CCTV, and faxes.

Why talk about this now?

Planning maybe needed to prepare your move, there could be a lot to do. It’s not just about calls. Your review will be in regard to everything you’re connecting to your phone lines. Some have already embraced an all-digital model and moved their communications to the cloud, making calls over the internet and video conferencing.

Best not to wait until the last moment.