Racall Ra711 Cb Version Ra711/1001

Technical Specifications
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DAC RA711 CB Vandal Resistant Phone

Security systems, railways, underground transport,emergency applications in lifts, rail platforms, outside buildings, prisons, courthouses, hospitals, police stations, etc., are all typical sites for the installation of RA711 Vandal Resist Telephones.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel facia plate
  • Choice of flush, wall or top of the pole mounted
  • Includes the facility for the provision of an external inductive loop for hearing-aid users, where this is required
  • Hands free loud speaking
  • Automatic or time out
  • Fully weatherproofed & washable
  • Includes 9Vdc transformer
  • BABT and CE approved
  • Choice of models:
  • full keypad (DTMF): ideal for applications where there is a requirement to dial other extensions and/or PSTN subscribers
  • CB: ideal for manual exchanges where immediate contact with the operator is required
  • Auto Dial: ideal for applications where preset number dialling is required. Auto Diallers are available with one, two or three buttons.
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