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Since it’s inception in 2000, Incoms Telecommunications repair centre has quickly become recognised as being one of the leading headset repair organisations in the UK. Our growth has been achieved by supporting the call centre and telemarketing industry with unprecedented levels of service and high quality repairs.

Incom Service offers:

Headset Repairs

  • Free evaluation of the cost of any repair work
  • New headset consumables (ear cushions, voice tubes, windshields, etc) are included in the cost of the repair
  • With your approval, we will carry out the necessary repairs
  • All headsets are hygienically cleaned before return
  • The units will be carefully packaged and returned to you in approximately 7-10 working days
  • All our repairs carry a 6-month warranty.
  • In the unlikely event your equipment should fail in this time, we will repair it free of charge.

All goods still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be repaired free of charge.

Headset Trade-In

Incom Telecommunications can solve your headset problems by buying back your obsolete or broken headsets and replacing them with new problem-free headsets from our extensive range. Each request would be dealt with on an individual basis and prices would be dependent on model and quantities.

Health and Safety Information

The use of headsets is well documented and recommended by the Health and Safety Executive to ease the risk of neck and back pain to telephone users. The headsets themselves are also subject to health and hygiene recommendations. It is recommended that each agent, wherever possible is assigned their own headset, as sharing headsets is unhygienic and discouraged. In addition, it is recommended that voice tubes, ear cushions (both leatherette and foam) and windshields are changed every 6 months in order to minimize the risk of infections to headset users. Headsets should also be cleaned and wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Quality Control

All our repairs are carried out by qualified engineers based on site. They undergo a strict quality control procedure; only items passing this will be returned repaired.

Other Services

Our Repair Service Centre can also repair conference units, answering machines, pay phones and dictation equipment.

In response to customer demand, we now offer a refurbishment service in which we replace all headbands, voice tubes and ear cushions for new and each headset is hygienically cleaned and individually bagged allowing you to distribute them to any individual cleanly and safely.


Once repaired all units are covered by a 6 month warranty. All units are tagged with a returns code to allow the tracking of warranty terms.

If you have any questions or wish to proceed with any repairs, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Centre on on 0161 935 1040 or e-mail

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